MP3 Marbella Planning
    Architecture Interior Design Building Engineering    
  MP3 Marbella Planning deals with all types of certifications, reports and documents, as well as plans and studies related to building engineering, all complemented with the necessary technical, financial and legal explanations for a complete analysis of the situations.
We provide services in this field for:
Judicial expert reports.
Opening permits.
Building and pathology technical inspections.
Changes of holder or ownership.
Solvency and safety certificates.
First occupation permits.
Reports on change of use or activity.
Surface area certifications.
Habitability certificates.
Plans drafting.
Installation calculations.
Advice, consultancy and technical support.
Building measurements, demarcations and budgets.
Quality control.
Plot division studies.
Appraisals and evaluations
3D Infoarchitecture
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Security Projects
Reports & Certificates & Various